From left: FA chief executive Mark Bullingham, FA of Wales chief executive Jonathan Ford, Irish FA chief executive Patrick Nelson, Fifa President Gianni Infantino, and Scottish FA chief executive Ian Maxwell. David Elleray, the previous Premier League referee who is now the technical director of Ifab, said the offside consultation would check out every aspect of the law but would primarily ask what purpose those running the sport want it to serve.

“We don’t wish to change the laws,” he said. “But football evolves and a few things change because we’ve changed the way the sport is played. The offside law has steadily moved in favour of the attacker but now it’s moved a touch back and football doesn’t want that.

“Assistant referees are always being told: ‘If unsure , give the advantage of the doubt to the attacking team.’ What VAR, but also other technology, has done is take that doubt away. Football is saying to us that having your toe two centimetres ahead of the defender isn’t enough of a plus to be penalised. It’s not questioning the very fact that you simply can see it, but whether if you’ll see it, it should be offside. agen maxbet online

“This is where we’re getting to enter a correct consultation. Football features a habit of throwing up one-line solutions to complex problems and once you enter them, they’re all quite complicated. But in theory if we could have more goals, more excitement, but without making it an excessive amount of in favour of the attackers then people would really like that. It’s that balance.”

On the topic of pitch-side monitors, Elleray’s colleague Pierluigi Collina, chairman of Fifa’s referee committee, said the Premier League’s practice of not encouraging their use is unlikely to continue. “We did a survey of about 6,000 matches from top competitions and therefore the average was that 75% of reviews visited a pitch-side monitor,” he said. “So any competition that’s significantly below 75% is clearly out of step. English situation … i feel you ought to expect that there are some changes next year.”

The next year is probably going to ascertain the extensive trial of concussion substitutes, with different alternatives – from temporary substitutes to a permanent extra substitute favoured by the Premier League and Fifa. A protocol regarding the trial is to be developed and would likely then be followed by a primary test during the Olympics.

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